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Posted by Erik Kostelnik on Apr 10, 2020 10:28:03 AM
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Comparatively, direct mail and digital channels flourish in their own areas - yet statistics show they are most effective when used together.


In this age of technology, people are able to reach masses quickly and cheaply through process automation.


Sequences involving email, LinkedIn messages, texts, and phone calls have transitioned to become the superior approach for B2B outreach.


However, such digital channels now produce dwindling success rates compared to they used to offer - plus the competition is enormous. How are organizations supposed to establish trust and create meaningful relationships in this world of digital chaos?


The answer?


Look no further than the physical world and what can be accomplished through offline engagement. 


As digital automation nears its peak, industry trends have traveled back in time. Considered dead since the turn of the century, direct mail has made a huge comeback. It now yields response rates 5-9 times higher than what digital channels offer.


Sales teams and marketers now they have the ability to incorporate an integrated, offline approach into their digital workflows.


advantages of direct mail with digital


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Regardless of what industry you're in, direct mail can have a huge impact when used to compliment your digital approach. 


These integrated campaigns that connect digital channels to the physical world will see the best results with increased response rates, a higher ROI, and building a more trustworthy bond with potential customers.


Digital marketing will never go away: however the old-school technique of direct mail advertising has been revamped...the offline revolution has begun.


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