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Posted by Erik Kostelnik on Jul 30, 2020 1:16:39 PM
Erik Kostelnik
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For many B2B organizations, sending swag to prospects has been an extremely powerful tool that can yield amazing results when done properly.


However, as many are cultivating the WFH lifestyle, managing swag has become a hassle in itself as marketing closets are locked.

How are you supposed to send swag without being able to access any physical inventory?

Here at Postal, one of the things we wanted to ensure was that our customers have an easy and cost-effective way that they can leverage swag as part of their sales and marketing sequences...without having to make those dreadful runs to the post office.

This is why we partnered with SwagUp!


Now, Postal customers can use swag throughout their sales funnel to improve response rates, create more opportunities, and increase booked meetings. It's also a great way to improve customer retention.


Our partnership with SwagUp allows Postal customers to get started with an order as small as 50 items, which makes it simple to try it out and allows them to quickly see how it can impact their efforts.

However, customers can also order thousands of items. Postal and SwagUp will warehouse all the goods, allowing your team to utilize the Postal platform to send the items to prospects or clients when desired. This efficient process removes the need to order in bulk, store on site and manually send swag.


Swag Packs


We recommend using SwagUp by leveraging Swag Packs. A Swag Pack can be one or more items that are contained in a customized package, which allows your gift to stand out and catch the eyes of the recipient.

There are a variety of swag categories to choose from and over 100 unique items that you can select to be part of your Swag Pack.

All you have to do is pick your swag items and upload your design assets, then the design team at SwagUp will create customer mockups for you to review in 24 hours.

swag pack

Once approved, you complete the order, and soon after your Swag Packs will be ready to use as part of your Postal campaigns.


With SwagUp and Postal, the days of running to the post office are over and now you can completely manage your marketing closet without having to touch anything!


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