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Posted by Patricia DuChene on Jun 10, 2020 8:54:28 AM
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Having a centralized platform to manage offline communications means there has to be some sort of "store" to select your direct mail and gifts from.


You certainly could peruse the internet looking for these items, but consolidating direct mail and gifts into a singular marketplace provides efficiency to create authentic connections at scale.


Welcome to the Postal Marketplace.


What is the Postal Marketplace?


Our Marketplace gives users the ability to send direct mail or gifts to prospects and clients. Postcards, notecards, brochures, and curated gifts can be designed, customized and sent within minutes!





Gifts such as books, treats, electronics, gift cards and more, can be customized and sent with a gift message to multiple recipients. Postal’s newly released Playbooks can provide scheduling automation to make this process more efficient, similar to an email drip marketing campaign.


The Postal Marketplace makes the once painful process of sending notes, gifts or swag, as simple as a few clicks to delivery.




The Details


When you select a gift to send to a prospect, lead, or customer, you may not always have an address on file. Sending a gift invite via email allows you to confirm the shipping address of the recipient.

The emails also enable you to confirm with the recipient if they want to accept your gift. On the right is an example of what a gift email.


Another advantage of using our Marketplace is the ability to leverage our Cost per Touch, or CPT metric.


Cost per Touch is the average cost per Postal sent. This is visible throughout the platform to show you the average cost spent by user, contact, or campaign. Your company's CPT will change over time based on the types of Postals your team is sending.

This provides a clear ROI metric for your offline campaigns.

The Postal Marketplace is powered by amazing local and national partners. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know and we'll do our best to partner with a vendor that offers the product!



User Benefits


Within our Marketplace, we have both local and national retailers who are available to ship their products anywhere in the United States.


If your contact doesn't seem like the person who would accept gifts, we have Charitable eCards available as well. The recipient can donate to a local or national charity of their choice.


Designing a postcard, notecard or brochure has never been more simple or cost-effective. We even have AI Handwriting available to further personalize your mail piece and really make it stand out.


All gifts are curated to be relevant and meet the needs of users. To avoid hassle, electronic gift cards can be sent from amazing brands like Starbucks, Apple and Callaway.


Vendor Benefits


If you are a vendor looking to sell a product in our Marketplace, we would love to work with you to make that happen.


Postal connects sales people and marketers from organizations all over the country with great vendors to send curated gifts to business prospects and clients.


The Marketplace is powered by selected local and national vendors that share our vision of quality, reasonable prices and customer service. Interested in offering your products in our marketplace?  Click here and we will reach out!


You will have access to sell your products to a national audience and no technical integration is required. Recipient information will be included via email and on the Postal Vendor App.


We have a simple onboarding process and shipping costs will be included in the pricing. No long term commitment is necessary and you'd have the ability to easily change products and variables.


Happy Selling!


The days of finding your own gifts online to conduct a one-off send are over. Our Marketplace allows you to send curated and customized assets to as many people as you'd like.

Start using Postal today to create more authentic connections throughout your sales funnel!


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