Introducing Postal Collections: Collections for Every Use Case

on Jun 28, 2021 4:48:59 PM

I’m excited to announce the launch of Postal Collections. You can now provide your recipients with a collection of items from the Postal Marketplace, giving them the ability to choose which gift...

Introducing Postal Concierge: 7 Ideas to Start Delivering Curated Gifts and Experiences

on Jun 21, 2021 4:30:10 PM

We’re excited to announce the launch of Postal Concierge–a service now available to all Postal customers. Think of Concierge as an extension of your marketing team.

Stop Paying per Send and Seat—Why Postal is Switching to Unlimited Sends and Users

on Jun 9, 2021 4:15:56 PM

Hubspot. Pardot. Marketo. Eloqua. What do these brands have in common? They’re all your favorite digital marketing automation systems and all have platform-based pricing models. In the 2000s, we...

Marketo Integration Partnership

on Mar 9, 2021 4:33:47 PM

At Postal, we've spent time getting to know our customer to better understand their goals, challenges, and needs. One of the things we've learned is that many of our marketing users trust Marketo...

Announcing Postal Events

on Feb 16, 2021 2:34:10 PM

Postal Receives Best ROI Badge at G2's Winter 2021 Reports

on Dec 18, 2020 11:39:33 AM

Since launching in May 2020, we've seen several indicators that our Experience Marketing solution is paving the future of how marketing, sales, people ops, and CX teams interact with others in the...

Postal for Demand Generation

on Dec 2, 2020 10:27:30 AM

When it comes to the top of the funnel, Demand Generation roles are focused on two things: increasing lead volume and differentiation in the market.


MagicLink from Postal

on Nov 9, 2020 10:17:59 AM

Are your email response rates on the decline...or are you looking for a way to increase the conversions of your sales or marketing email sequences across the board?


Postal for Agencies

on Sep 21, 2020 12:16:55 PM

Running a marketing or sales agency is a challenge. You need to have consistent focus on making your clients successful while ensuring they renew for future campaigns.