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Posted by Patricia DuChene on Dec 10, 2020 1:56:41 PM
Patricia DuChene
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Salesforce may be the most recognizable sales softwares in the industry. Day-in and day-out, reps use it to track their deal progress and ensure buyers are moving along in their lifecycle.


One may even say it's the lifeline of revenue for organizations! While it's a great tool for overseeing deal progress and interactions with buyers, now you have way to manage real-world buyer engagement in Salesforce and track sending activity.

The ability to report on the impact of Experience Marketing within deal cycles is priceless - organizations who've implemented it have already seen a 40% increase in pipeline.

Danielle explains below why Postal's new integration partnership with Salesforce is a vital tool for organizations to close the deals they need.



Whether you're an SDR or Enterprise AE, pipeline management is everything. With our new Salesforce integration, sales organizations will be able to track the effectiveness of offline touch-points.


As you may know, keeping deals moving along is no easy matter. Even the best digital omni-channel approaches are littered with blockers:

  • Misinformation on the contact level
  • Inbox overload
  • Competition
  • Lack of attention from the buyer

To stand out and scale meaningful connections, Postal enables you to start better conversations and create lasting impressions. For instance:

  • Offer virtual lunch or coffee to prospects and clients via MagicLink
  • Send relevant books to reach key-decision makers
  • Deliver a handwritten note to say "Thanks!" for attending a kick-off meeting
  • Email a prospect or client a charitable gift-card to be used towards the charity of their choice
  • Gift a bottle of champagne to welcome a closed-won account

Buyers are receiving emails, paid advertisements, and cold calls more than ever before. The importance of differentiating and adding new channels is crucial for increasing ROI.


Sales departments can utilize Postal's Experience Marketing channel to establish personal relationships with key-decision makers and prospects.

Check out the integration by signing up for your free trial today!

Happy selling.


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