Outreach Partnership Announcement

Posted by Patricia DuChene on Jul 2, 2020 1:39:29 PM
Patricia DuChene
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Today we're announcing our featured partner for the month, Outreach. When we were building the platform here at Postal, we knew that choosing strong, dynamic partners was going to be a key part of our launch strategy.

Our goal was to ensure that sales and marketing teams could easily improve upon their existing prospecting & retention strategies, without spending more time and effort.


Outreach is a leading sales engagement platform in the US. It's a game changing tool that helps teams like ours to predictably grow our revenue funnel in a scalable way. Sales reps can automate and plan out their sales engagement so they are left with more time to strategize and close deals.

Sequences are the core of this. They help you to organize and plan exactly how and when each interaction will happen. It removes the guess work out of the prospecting process, as each task is outlined, prioritized, and ready to go at the start of a rep's day - so they can hustle!


Out of the box, Outreach sequences generally consist of emails, phone calls, texts, and LinkedIn messages. But now with the Postal integration, users can elevate their sequences by adding personalized gifting & direct mail. This creates pattern interrupt that can dramatically increase response rates, improve conversions, and book more meetings.


This pattern interrupt also reduces sales cycles because we are seeing engagement earlier in the sequence. Meaning your team is spending less time chasing prospects and more time closing. Setting up Postal with Outreach is easy and only takes a minute to sync.


In addition to the integration, you can also download our Chrome Extension which will allow you to add contacts from Outreach to Postal lists, quickly following up a meeting with a handwritten thank you, personalized gift, or charitable donation.


To date, both our customers and the Postal team has seen some pretty incredible results using the dynamic duo of Outreach & Postal.

If you are currently using Outreach and want to take your sequences to the next level by improving engagement and response rates, then we encourage you to try out Postal. You'll see how easy it is to make personalized gifting and direct mail a cohesive part of your sales strategy.

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