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Posted by Erik Kostelnik on Aug 6, 2020 1:38:02 PM
Erik Kostelnik
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Data from HubSpot reveals that 68% of businesses use automation in some way...most of which are digital actions.

However, these automation platforms have been around for years now, and strictly relying on digital channels to engage with audiences is starting to see a diminishing return.

Email and paid advertising response rates are coming in around 1% due to a number of reasons: increased competition, lack of originality, and simply the fact we live in a world of digital overload.


Typically these automated digital actions consist of email, phone calls, text messages, inMails, retargeting ads, or other engagement on social media.

Watch Shadi Majzoub, Head of Product at Postal, as he highlights Playbooks and how it can help you improve the automation of direct mail and gifting in your sales and marketing workflows.

Triggers from Postal are the easiest way to automate offline communication: when a criteria is met, like a click on an email CTA, you can save one of your approved Postals for automation.


Sequences, workflows, cadences...whatever your organization labels the process to automate digital actions, with the release of triggers, now you can incorporate physical assets as well!


All approved Postals in our Marketplace such as branded direct mail, gifts, alcohol, or swag can be effortlessly automated in your sales and marketing sequences with personalized messaging to your contacts.

And not just automated, but triggered off other actions in these sequences.


It's as easy as setting up email automation in your existing systems.


Sending company swag or gifts in your sales cycle is time-consuming to say the least. And the benefits of using these can be huge, especially the way they fit into an ABM toolkit. 88% of marketers who use personalization have seen a measurable lift in business results.

B2B sales cycles should be as streamlined as possible, and without a way to manage offline engagement, organizations will lose valuable time.

Increase your overall conversion rates and create meaningful connections by integrating Postal in your sales and marketing tech stack today!


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