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Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh

Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh
Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh is the Director of Demand Generation at Postal, the leading Experience Marketing Platform that creates memorable moments for organizations to generate leads, increase sales velocity, and retain happy customers. Prior to Postal, Lauren worked across various marketing functions including marketing operations, campaign management and acquisition at hyper-growth software companies like Outreach, ThousandEyes, and Solv Health. She currently lives in San Francisco with her husband, Jon.
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Supporting Local Businesses

on May 18, 2021 9:32:38 AM

Corporate gifting doesn't have to feel corporate. In almost every instance, sending a gift that comes off as generic will leave a superficial impression on the recipient. Here's the hard truth: In...

How to Get 1,000 People to Sign-up for Your First (Virtual) Product Launch

on Mar 19, 2021 3:58:43 PM

Confession - I’m a marketer who finds the vast majority of webinars boring. In fact, I’ve been the host on webinars that I’ve tuned out for. 


A Demand Gen ROI Dilemma: Small-Scale PPC Advertising vs. e-Gifting

on Mar 1, 2021 12:15:50 PM

How much money are you spending per click on paid advertising? $5, $15 ,perhaps even  $22/click? It's no secret that paid digital marketing can be expensive...but when executed and optimized...

Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh